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Ever want to plan a trip on a budget but don’t know where to start?  Ever try to use a travel agent or coordinator without really knowing what you’re actually paying for? Ever wonder why some destination norms are so different from what you are used to, but were unaware prior to your trip?

Positano, Italy

The postings listed here will be able to provide you with enough tips and tools to go out and coordinate your own travel plans.  With a bit of legwork, time and effort, these suggestions may save you money in the long run and enable you to have a better travel experience.  It’s so much more enlightening to be in the know when it comes to travel coordination.  Though it’s so much easier to have someone else do all the work, but what’s the fun in that?  Go ahead, step outside your comfort zone and be amazed at what type of adventure you can come up with, all within a specified budget and timeframe.  Good luck and enjoy your trip!


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  1. A.HOME says:

    Great job… lovin’ the travels from my recliner down here in the other “L.A.” (Lower Alabama)!


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